BE-SAFE Newsletter (nur Englisch):

The BE-SAFE newsletter will provide readers with a biannual digest of news about last updates of the BE-SAFE project in which consortium is involved. Each issue will focus on project topics related to reducing harmful medications in older people with sleep problems, but also patient safety, patient involvement in research, etc.

The newsletter will provide news about the project achievements, important milestones, calls for action, etc.

With the publication of our newsletter, we aim to display interesting contents to raise awareness and encourage community involvement  about the challenge of developing methods for desprescribing benzodiazepines in older people with sleep problems, but also increasing patient safety in Europe. 


Was ist die Summe aus 4 und 9?


Did you miss an issue of our Newsletter? No worries! Here below you can find links to all our past issues for you to read whenever and wherever you want: