Public deliverables


This list details the deliverable documents foreseen for the project and provides the link to them when their dissemination is open to the public.

D6.1.- Public Website:
Public website up and running to centralize BE-SAFE products

D2.1.- Guidelines to reduce BSH: Trustworthy guidelines to reduce BSHs published on MAGICapp website and BE-SAFE portal

D1.1.- Clinical pathways and healthcare system: Current key clinical pathways (or care trajectories) in relation to BSH reduction identified and described in the six participating European countries

D1.2.- Barriers and enablers to reduce BSHs: Report of the survey, presenting the barriers and enablers to discontinuing BSHs among patients, informal carers and health care professionals in the six European countries

D3.1.- Therapeutic protocol for BSH discontinuation

D3.2.- Educational materials for physicians and patients

Full set of educational materials for physicians and patient card that will be used in the trial, in the local language of each participating country.

D6.4.- Information material for the general public. Comprehensive set of information material related to overuse of BSH  

D6.5.- BE-SAFE podcasts online: Collection of Podcasts files tackling key topics related BSH addressed health professionals and general public

D5.1.- Case study results and updated country-specific logical models: Description of the results of the mixed-method process evaluation performed in the six countries and presentation of the updated logical models for each country

D5.2.- Cross-country logical model: Cross-country BE-SAFE program logical model with data on differences and similarities between countries

D1.3.- PREM to reduce harmful medications: Description of the method for development, the results and of the final version of the PREM questionnaire, in the six languages

D2.3.- Updated trustworthy guideline with recommendations for clinical practice and for implementation strategies

D3.3.- Definitive version of the materials and procedures for patients and physicians.

D5.3.- Adapted clinical pathways: Description of clinical pathways (or care trajectories) in relation to BSH reduction in the six participating European countries, adapted based on results from the case study analyses

D6.6.- Knowledge translation plan: Public knowledge translation plan and strategy plan for sustainable implementation